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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join in the middle of a session?

Yes. we have open enrollment so you can join anytime and class fees are prorated

2. What if I can’t make one of my classes?

You are allowed to make up any missed classes for the session in which you are enrolled, we offer many class times.

3. What should my kids wear?

Participants should wear the XL Soccer uniform plus indoor/turf soccer shoes. Tennis shoes are fine as well. Shin guards are required as well as a size 3 soccer ball.

4. How long are the classes?

Classes are one hour with several water breaks through out the class.

5. What if my child doesn’t like it, can we get a refund?

We offer a  trial class to all new customers. Refunds are not available after you register

6. Can I drop my child off for class?

No, a parent or guardian is required

7. How many boys or girls are in a class?

Classes are coed, so a mix of children is based on who registers. Generally, we have anywhere from 5 to 12 children per class.

8. Do you offer private classes?

If you have 5 or more children in a group, we can create a class for you. Please call us to set up your private class.

9. How long are the sessions?

Sessions last seven weeks and have one class per week

10. If I register my child for a session, am I "guaranteed" a spot in the next session?

No, all registrations are first come, first serve

11. Can I register my child for one class?

No, but we do offer a trial class to new customers

12. What kind of instructors do you have?

All XL Soccer World instructors are carefully screened to ensure that we provide top quality, child-centered and high energy instruction. All instructors go through a rigorous training process.

13. Can we come on any day?

Only if you need to make up a missed class, otherwise you must stay with the class you have registered for

14. Can I pay as I go during a session?

The entire session must be paid in full at time of registration

15. When should my child move up to the next program?

Our U6 instructional is designed for 4,5 and 6 year olds. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Please ask the instructor if your child is ready to progess to the next level.