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XLSW Select Program



Technique is the foundation stone on which we build our outdoor program. Great emphasis will be placed on developing the technical ability of all our players, in accordance to each player’s unique individual needs. Our commitment is to work with the players on becoming competent in the fundamental techniques and skills that relate directly to the demands of the game. The year round training program is built up in stages, where the program adapts to each individual player’s developmental requirements, irrespective of chronological age. This is the starting point – we continue building from here.

Mission Statement:

The player is the focal point of Select program. All members of the staff will endeavor to deliver a quality program, in order to produce excellence in the key areas of: athleticism, skill, tactical awareness, cognitive, and innovation. The program's focus is quality over quantity. It is not a program with thousands of players and parent coach's. It is a smaller program with a professional staff.

Core Values:

* Continuous Performance Improvement

* Innovation

* Performance with integrity and humility

* High emphasis on fun and enjoyment and creativity

XL Select Program Details:

The Select program offers indoor and outdoor soccer for boys and girls in the U8 to U13 age groups. (2010 through 2005 Birth Year) Our teams are all registered through US Club Soccer. Teams will play (2) outdoor seasons (Spring & Fall) and (6) indoor seasons at XL Soccer World throughout the year. Teams will be participating in a sanctioned US Club league involving other area clubs.

This is a total of 16-20 outdoor games, 42 indoor games and 42 training sessions. We also participate in 2 - 4 tournaments per team each year.The training sessions focus on the area’s mentioned above.

Here is a sample of how the program breaks down. Players come to XL Soccer World twice a week in the Winter and Summer for 1 indoor game and 1 indoor practice. In the Spring and Fall, the players have 1 outdoor game, 1 outdoor practice and 1 indoor game a week. The majority of our outdoor practices have been held at Wake Med Soccer Park. The players that participate in the Select program will then have the opportunity to push to the next level through our Elite program.

Select Player Placement Policy:

As part of our year round program, we make every effort to place all players with those of equal ability. For example if we have (48) U12 players, we would divide them into 4 groups based solely on their ability. Each group is then assigned a coach and put into their perspective teams. From one season to the next, players will get moved up or down based on several factors. We will never move players during a course of the season. We also will make every effort to speak to the parent’s and player as to why they are being moved from one team to another after the season ends. This philosophy is adhered to in order to maximize each child’s potential. We follow European Academy Standards. If you train players of varying skill levels together, it can hinder the progress of all the players and the teams.

How Does My Child Participate?

Tryouts will be held May 17/18, 2017 at Wake Med Soccer park field #6. Please email us at for more information. Please note that once a player is accepted into the program (XL Select) they will never go through the tryout process again.

Players not selected for the program have the option to play in our XL indoor program. This will give them the chance to work with the XL coaches to get to the level needed to participate in the program. The fee is $125 per season and includes one game a week and one practice session

What's included:

Spring and Fall outdoor soccer. 6 indoor seasons and 1 week of outdoor camp. This equates to 16-20 outdoor games, 24-28 outdoor practices, 42 indoor games and 28 - 42 indoor practices as well as the week long outdoor camp. This does not include any tournaments that our teams wish to play in throughout the year. Fees for tournaments generally run about $50 to $125 per player depending on venue and location.

Registration & Fees (2017-2018)

The program runs from July 1st, 2017 until June 30th, 2018. The fee for the program is $1350 for the year. Players joining the program mid-year will be charged $675. For those joining mid-year this includes the Winter, Spring and Summer indoor leagues as well as the Spring outdoor program

May 1, 2017 - Initial Payment Due of $675 or $250 payment plan deposit due for 2017/2018

November 1, 2017 - Final Payment Due $675. This covers all dues from July 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2018.

XLSW does offer a payment plan with a $250 deposit due by May 1, 2017 for existing players followed by 8 payments of $140. New players would pay the $250 deposit upon acceptance into the program. See below for details.