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XL Soccer World Juniors Indoor-Outdoor Year Round Program

XL Juniors Program

XL Juniors Program (Ages 5-6-7)


This indoor/outdoor program is a year-round instructional-based league that teaches children skills that are age appropriate. Through instructional based game play, participants will refine body awareness and movement, reinforce social and listening skills, and build on the concept of team play and cooperation. Each one hour outdoor game session consists of a 10 minute technical warm up followed by small sided 6 vs 6/4 v 4/3 v 3 games. All games will have coaches directing the players from the field.


Program Details: The program runs from Fall 2017 through the Spring of 2018 (August - May) Fall and Spring seasons will consist of 3 days a week (see below) and the Winter season will consist of 2 days a week indoors.The program is run by experienced coaches. No parent coaches are employed.



Program Schedule:

Late Summer & Fall

August 15 through October 31 and February 15th through May 1,  teams will follow the schedule below:

       - Indoor game Tuesdays between 5:00pm-7:00pm (XL Soccer World)

       - Outdoor Weekday trainning between 5:00pm - 7:00pm (Local Fields)

       - Outdoor Game: Saturday/Sunday Times vary week to week (Local fields)

Winter Indoor:

November through February, the teams will follow the schedule below

       - Indoor game Saturdays between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (XL Soccer World)

       - Indoor training once a week (XL Soccer World) 


Program Focal Points:

This program will focus on 4 keys areas below. Our coaches will look to develop these areas to the best level possible. Please read below for more information on these areas.

1. Physical Development: Includes the refined motor skills of the player to run, jump and turn that allow them to effectively deal with the ball and opponents. The aerobic and anaerobic capability of players determines how long they can effectively train or play. Agility and flexibility as well as speed and strength are essential aspects of the physical development of the soccer player.

2. Emotional, Social & Cognitive Development: The coach will communicate ideas that the players and team can follow. That communication requires using clear and concise language that stimulates the player to listen to and increase their understanding of the demands of the game. Coaches who can respond to the emotional and social needs of players and help manage athlete interactions and challenges in both training and games can develop qualities such as resiliency and team work that are sustainable.

3. Technical Development: The technical ability of the player and their understanding of when to apply a technique is best developed in small-sided- game settings. Small-sided games provide significant frequency for technical repetition and decision making. Players will be taught approbriate skills based on ability level.

4. Tactical Development: Decision making is critical to the soccer player. Tactics apply to decisions in a 1 vs. 1 situation just as much as they do in a full game setting. A player’s ability to make quick and correct decisions on the field is enhanced by their technical ability and general.

To participate in this program, players must be born between 2010 through 2012. Older players born outside these dates should look to XL Select Program. Younger players should look to our U6 Instructional Program.


Open registration is until May 31, 2017. This  year's registration is limited to 60 players. Please note your registration fee helps cover some of the finest coaches and fields in the Triangle for these age groups. Quality over quantity is our motto.


Program Costs:

$895 Person (uniform not included)

If you opt for the payment plan, your 2nd Payment is due by August 1, 2017 and the 3rd is due by November 1, 2017

Option 1: Full amount of $895.00 ( Full amount by May 31, 2017)
Option 2: 2 payments of $447.50 ( First payment by May 31,2017 and second payment August 1, 2017)
Option 3: 3 payments of $298.33 ( First payment by May 31,2017, second payment August 1, 3rd payment November 1)

The Nike uniform (Jersey, shorts & socks is $45.00)

Your enrollment covers (4) seven week indoor seasons and (2) outdoor seasons. Please visit both links below if you would like to join!!



Philosophy ( Please note the coaching philosophy is age appropriate and some parts do not apply to all age groups)